Everything you need to know about Grow Tents

grow tent

Indoor grow tents are a popular choice for home cannabis growers. The grow tent transforms a do-it yourself home-grown cannabis plant into a professional-looking, successful one.

The grow tent makes the cultivation area neat, tidy, and discrete. It regulates the temperature and humidity and is well-suited for cannabis cultivation.

What size weed-growing tent do you need? A 2×4 and a 5×9 Gorilla Grow Tent are very different. The size of your tent will impact how many plants you can grow. It also affects the equipment you need, the amperage and the layout.

This guide contains information about cannabis grow tents. It includes everything from Gorilla Grow Tents to multi-chamber options to budget options.

Why grow cannabis in a Grow Tent

Although you may not need to be convinced about the power of a tent for cannabis cultivation, here are the highlights:

All-in-One Grow Room

It can be difficult to build a grow space from scratch. It is easy to set up grow tents. You don’t have to spend hours researching and breaking your brain. They come pre-set and equipped with all necessary electrical ports, doors, and ducts. All you need, in the right size and quantity, is available.


Once your plants are in bloom, light leakage can cause serious problems. It’s also not good for vegetables. You can avoid disaster by purchasing a light-proof tent that protects your plants from the sun’s rays.

Environmental Control

Grow tents allow you to control light, but also temperature and humidity.

Reflective Walls

Grow tents have reflective walls which reflect light back to your plants. Gorilla Grow Tents is just one example. The reflector pattern is a diamond-shaped design that redistributes photons to the areas most needed.

Height adjustment

You can get a Gorilla Grow Tent that is less than 4’11”, but it can be extended up to 2 feet. These tents are great for tall plants or small spaces.

Get Tent Basics

All grow tents, regardless of brand, have the same basic structure: a sturdy structure covered with a special fabric. The following parts are included in indoor tents:

  • Frame interlocking
  • Corner connectors
  • The tent’s outside canvas cover
  • Spill tray inside
  • Tool pouch

The structure must be strong enough to support the grow light’s weight, and the fabric should be strong enough to withstand constant use.

Tents made specifically for cannabis are recommended. Why? You can expect high-strength zippers that are almost as tight as airtight to keep pests and disease at bay. It will have a unique duct design, and a double-cinching closing if it is a Gorilla Growth Tent. They made sure that pathogens cannot get in.

To improve light dispersion, grow tent fabric interiors are reflective. It should be waterproof and insulating. This not only helps control the indoor environment but also reduces heat dispersion by hot grow lights.

One or more doors allow for easy access to the interior of grow tents. These are usually via a zipper. Other doors and ports may be available for ventilation, cords and other purposes. To ensure that spillages stay inside the tent, most should have a catchment tray installed into the floor.

Why Do Gorilla Grow Tents Rule the Indoor Grow Room

Gorilla Grow Tents are the most popular brand of grow tents worldwide. They claim to be “The Tallest, Thickest and Strongest Grow Tents Ever Made.” These tents are the benchmark in the industry.

These are just a few reasons they are the best when it comes quality and durability.

Capacity for Weight

The tent must be large enough to hold all equipment, including grow lights, ducting, ventilation, and ducting. Gorilla Grow tents can support 300 lbs.

Ulta-Thick Fabric

Thick fabric is better for the environment and reduces light leakage. Gorilla Grow Tent Canvas is a super-thick, woven material that has a 1680D thread density.


Each Gorilla Grow Tent is made of a strong metal frame and ultra-thick fabric. There are no plastic parts. Every part of the frame is interconnected using steel interlocking pins. This makes it durable and long-lasting.

Doors, Windows, and Vents

Each tent has easy-view windows and micro-mesh vents.


The dual cinching, micro-mesh ducts and the micro-mesh air vents ensure that nothing is in or out of your home (or any other place you don’t want).

Blocking Infrared and Reflective Light

A Gorilla Grow tent’s inner material has a unique diamond reflector. The ceiling also has an infrared heat-blocking component that helps reduce heat escaping through the roof.

Considerations: How do you choose the perfect grow tent?

It is easy to think that the only thing you should consider when selecting a size or model for a grow tent is how many plants you wish to grow.

It turns out that space and budget constraints are the most important. These are layered on top of any other features you might want. However, your most important decisions are likely already made.

You can narrow down your options for grow tents once you have an idea of the space and budget you have.

  • Space is your number one concern. You won’t find a large 9’x9′ Gorilla Grow Tent that has a height extension in your small apartment closet. The tent you choose must fit in your space. Remember to consider height.
  • Budget: This is another important decision. Although Gorilla Grow Tents are the best available, their premium features come at a high price. Your budget may limit your options when it comes to the size, brand and features of your grow tent.
  • Specific features: These may include bug-resistant materials and micro mesh-filters. Material thickness and height extensions could also be important factors in your decision. There are many brands and varieties of grow tents, but not all brands offer the same features. Secret Jardin has multi-chamber options, while Gorilla Grow Tents offers height extensions.

Multi-Chamber Grow Tents Versus Multiple Grow Tents

Do you decide to invest in a multi-chamber tent or buy multiple tents? You will need a solution if you intend to have different plants at different stages.

Multi-chamber tents have many benefits. Multi-chamber tents are better at keeping veg and flowers separate than two tents. A single tent can contain all of your grow space.

A multi-chamber tent can be a problem because it restricts the amount of space inside. These tents usually have smaller veg spaces than the flower. Although this may seem sensible in theory, growers find it frustrating in practice. This really determines how long you can veg and how large the plants will be before you move into the flower room’.

It is possible that your training methods don’t work if the plants have to be moved from one side to another when it comes time for bloom. Multi-chamber tents might have two shelves rather than one large floor.

Two separate tents are better if you want continuous harvest with different plants constantly cycling through veg. If you have enough space, two separate tents will make it easier to move plants around and offer more training options.

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