Grow Tent Buying Guidelines by experts

grow tent buying guide

We have many options, so we put together this guide to help you get your indoor garden off to the right start.

If you’re looking for an indoor garden, but don’t have the space or desire to build new walls, grow tents can be a great solution.

A grow tent has a frame that is rigid and a fabric cover. It can be set up quickly and provides privacy.

Tents, unlike grow cabinets, aren’t completely secure and stealthy. They use simple zippers to secure windows and doors, whereas grow cabinets have locking handles.

Considerations for Buying Tents

First, we will list some things to consider when buying a grow tent.

You should consider the following factors when choosing the right tent for you: size, material, style.

Grow Tent Size Guidelines

Measure carefully the area where you want to put the grow tent.

To allow for easy setup, the tent should be slightly smaller than your space.

Also, you will need to think about your gardening goals and the size of tent that will help you achieve them.

You need to ask yourself these two questions: How many plants are you looking to grow and how large do you want them to be?

Your plants’ size will greatly impact the tents that you choose to look at. Consider whether you are looking to harvest continuously or grow in different cycles.

Continuous harvesters often need one tent to vegg, another tent to flower, and perhaps even a third tent to harvest curing and drying.

Plant strains and container sizes can vary so the number of plants that you can grow in each size tent is subject to change.

Some growers prefer to have a greater number of plants, and more frequent harvests. Auto-flowering varieties are a good choice.

Others prefer to keep a few plants around and train them to be very large. This is called the SCROG method.

Others want the biggest plants and will grow fewer plants.

Our recommendations for plant counts for different sizes of tents are only that: a recommendation. Actual plant counts may differ.

This will allow you to determine the best size for you based upon how many plants and your budget.

Multiple Chambers vs. Multiple Tents

Many growers prefer to have separate tents for flowering and vegging, as we mentioned earlier.

Some tents have multiple chambers inside a single tent, which can be useful for the same purpose.

These tents are extremely convenient and contain chambers for flowering, vegging, propagation, and vegging.

It helps keep things organized but these tents are limited in terms of vegging space.

We recommend that you have two tents in order to grow larger plants and get better yields.

A special tent can be used to propagate seedlings or clones. They can then veg there and then have a tent for harvest.

This will enable you to have a continuous supply of flowers and a perpetual harvest.

Reflective Canvas Thickness

Why is the tent canvas thickness important?

Stronger thread counts are higher.

Durability is an important aspect of long-term tent use, especially if it will be moved frequently, where there are potential for accidental scuffs or punctures.

While all grow tents can be used outdoors, they are light-proof. However, those made of thicker material will resist wear and provide more insulation for heat and noise.

You may not need to have as many walls if your tent is indoors than a shed or outbuilding.

Tent thickness can vary from 1680D canvas thread count to 210D (the denier in these measurements is a measure for the linear mass density or fibers).

Although the brand of the inner reflective may vary, the principle of the grow tents is the same. The interior walls of the tents reflect light from the outside and help to spread light around the plant canopy. Hydrobuilder stocks both heavy-duty and standard duty grow tents. We have it all!

Weight limit

Grow tent frames are usually made of steel tubing that snaps together with various materials for corners and connections.

The materials used to make the poles and corners may affect the tent’s weight limit.

To ensure that the tent can hold all the equipment you plan to use, make sure it has a weight rating.

Additional support can be provided if you exceed the weight limit. For example, additional bars that spread your weight out.

If you are unsure, be safe and consider other mounting options. For example, mount your carbon filter outside the tent or on the ground.

Cord Ports, Ducting Ports and Windows

You can run electrical cords and ventilation ducting through all types of grow tents.

To ensure that your tent is light-proof, the best tents have dual-cinching ports. This allows you to block out all light passing through the port.

Many tents have multiple windows or mesh vents that can be very useful for gardeners.

To ensure that your equipment is properly installed in the arrangement you want, make sure to check the port sizes and placements in each tent.

Mesh vents should be used only during the vegging phase of growth, when light leaks are not an issue.

An intake vent can be made by simply bending a section or ducting in the tent’s flowering stage.

What is the Best Grow Tent Brand?

Covert is the best value grow tent for the money. Covert Grow Tents offer the best value and everything you want.

Covert is the perfect choice if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to grow indoors without spending a lot of money.

Gorilla Grow Tent is another popular option. These tents are among the strongest in the market, hence their name.

These plants are expensive and discourage beginners. However, they are popular among more experienced growers who can afford to invest more in their crops.


Grow tents can be used to provide a stable environment for plants. It will reduce energy costs, heat loss, heat gain in the winter months, and hot air during the summer months. There are many types of grow tents available, some more specific than others.

This type doesn’t have any light proofing. You’ll need to determine how much sunlight is coming into your home before buying one. You may end up with a tent too dark if you don’t.

It can be difficult and overwhelming to find the right size grow tent. We have attempted to assist you in choosing the right size grow tent for your needs. The right size is not enough. You also need the right company. It is easier to select the right size grow tent if you take the time to measure the space you have available. This will help you decide how much money to spend on a grow tent.

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